Career Cluster Seminars Scheduled at Helena College

Nursing Student

October 30:  Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

Instructors and counselors will develop pathways in Fire & Rescue, Legal Support, and Criminal Justice. The Seminar will include a tour of the Fire & Rescue facility, representatives from the Department of Justice and the Office of Public Instruction, and opportunities to discuss job prospects and curriculum in all of these fields. 

Fire & Rescue is offered on few campuses, with Helena College’s program also offered in Missoula.  Fire & Rescue presents the possibility for dual credit in Personal Fitness I, Technical Writing, and Technical Math.  Some students earn Wildland Fire Fighting certificates while still in high school, as well as work in volunteer fire departments. 

Legal Support will have multiple possibilities for dual credit, particularly for students taking business courses at the high school.  Criminal Justice offers many dual credit possibilities in General Education, including psychology and sociology.  Helena College offers the first two years of a four-year program, with many courses available online.

Contact Jan Clinard to register:; or 406-447-6951.