Career Cluster Seminars at Helena College

Computer Student

Although planned Career Cluster Seminars for 2014-15 are completed, schools that wish to develop pathways on an individual basis should contact Jan Clinard at 447-6951 or  The templates or completed Programs of Study posted on this website provide a good starting point for developing a pathway. 

The Health Sciences Career Cluster Seminar will be held on October 1, 2015, rather than this year because of anticipated revisions to the nursing curriculum throughout Montana.

On January 7, 12 instructors and counselors attended an Information Technology Career Cluster Seminar to develop pathways to careers in Programming and Network Administration.  The Seminar included speakers Denise Adamson from the Montana Information Services Division and Jason Schaller from Glacier Bank Corporation, speaking about job opportunities and the critical skills needed for employment in state government and the private sector. 

Recent Helena College graduate Caroline Scott presented a Systems Analysis and Design Project completed by a team of college students in 2013.  Current student Christopher Taylor shared a VoIP Primmer Demonstration.  Helena College faculty discussed how their curriculum is changing to meet industry needs.  The afternoon was devoted to working on the pathways and studying Gap Analyses to find ways to provide dual credit opportunities for students and determine the best high school courses that will prepare students for seamless entry into Computer Technology fields. These pathways have been completed.

On October 30, a Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security Seminar featured demonstrations by Fire & Rescue students, representatives from the Department of Justice, a private law firm, the Montana State Bar, and the Office of Public Instruction.  Instructors and counselors have completed developing pathways in Fire & Rescue, Legal Support, and Criminal Justice.