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Cyberbear Employee Self Service Instructions Electronic Form W-2 Tax Statement

As required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Helena College must provide all employees a Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement (W-2) each calendar year to be used by the employee in completing their annual Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ US Individual Income Tax Return.  The W-2 statement details the employee’s wages, tax withholding and other important payroll information for the calendar year.  In previous years, employees received paper copies of their W-2 statement.

As an alternative to the paper W-2 statement, Helena College employees may elect to receive their W-2 statement electronically online through the Cyberbear Employee Self Service System.  Please read the entirety of this notice and provide your consent to receive all future W-2 statement exclusively in electronic format.

Advantages of the electronic W-2 statement

  • Earlier employee access to the W-2 statement
  • The electronic W-2 statement can never be lost, stolen, delayed or misplaced by the US postal Service or by the employee
  • Accessibility to the electronic W-2 statement from anywhere the employee has access to a computer
  • Access to the form is securely protected through the Cyberbear portal

Consent to Receive W-2 statement in electronic format in lieu of paper form

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows the use and distribution of W-2 statements in electronic form in lieu of paper forms.  In order to do so, employees must consent to receive their W-2 statement in electronic format by completing the following steps:

  • Go to Cyberbear portal:  http://cyberbear.umt.edu/
  • Click on the “Click here to Login to Cyberbear”
  • Enter your Net ID and Password
  • Click on the Employee Tab
  • Select “Tax Forms” from the listing
  • Select “W-2 Year End Earnings Statement”
  • Select Tax Year and Employer
  • Select “OK” to provide your consent
  • Read the Electronic W-2 Consent Statement, check the “Consent to receive W-2 Electronically” check box
  • Click the Submit button
  • Click “Printable W-2” at the bottom left of displayed W-2 Form for IRS authorized compatible form


Employees who consent to receive his/her W-2 statement online will not receive a paper copy of the W-2 statement.  If an employee does not consent, he/she will continue to receive a paper copy of the W-2 statement and will be mailed to their mailing address of record.  An employee who chooses to receive his/her W-2 statement online can also receive a paper copy of the W-2 statement by contacting the Human Resource Office.  Request for a paper copy does not withdraw the employee’s consent for electronic delivery of all future W-2 statements.  The employee can change his/her option and withdraw consent to online delivery by un-checking the consent check box and clicking the ‘Submit’ button.  By email or other written notice to:

Helena College Human Resource Office
1115 N Roberts Street
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: 1.406.447-6925 or 1.406.447-6924
E-mail: Matthew.Richards@umhelena.edu

If consent is withdrawn, it will only be effective for W-2 statement not yet issued.  All employees should be cognizant that the W-2 statement, even when provided electronically, should print the W-2 statement for personal record keeping.  Each year’s online electronic W-2 statement will remain online on the Cyberbear Employee Self Service.

For additional questions, please contact the Helena College Human Resource Office at 1.406.447-6925 or email Matthew.Richards@umhelena.edu.

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