Transfer Advising

Transfer Questions to Consider:

  1. Do I have to finish my Associate’s degree to transfer?

    Associate of Arts and Science degrees are general transfer degrees. Completion of these degrees is generally equivalent to the first two years of a four year degree. However, you do not need an associate’s degree to transfer. To be considered a transfer student you must successfully complete a minimum of 12 credits. Otherwise you would apply as a high school student using your high school transcripts.

  2. How do I decide when to transfer?

    The optimal time to transfer is at the completion of all common courses offered by Helena College and required by the program of study at the institution you are planning to attend.

  3. What do I need to do to transfer?

    First, research the institution and program you are planning to attend. If possible try to visit the campus, attend a class, meet with students and/or faculty within the area you hope to study. Identify if the program is a good fit. Second, follow their application process being careful to meet their application deadlines. Your records can be transferred from one Montana institution to another using the Transmittal Application located on-line or at the Registrar’s Office. Next, check with the Admission Office or Advising Office at your new university to make sure your records have been transferred and evaluated in time to register.

  4. Does acceptance by a university guarantee acceptance into the program of study you are planning to attend?

    No, often programs and majors have their own application process. It is important that you research not only the institution you hope to attend but the requirements of the program as well. There can be prerequisites, minimum grade requirements, and an application process to be completed before one can be admitted into a particular program.

Strategies for Transferring

Montana University System

  1. Completing an A.A. or A.S. Degree
  2. Completing Helena College General Education Core
  3. Completing Montana University System Core
  4. Complete the General Education Core according to your anticipated Montana higher education institution and program.

Forms for Transferring

Helena College General Transfer Degrees

Associate of Arts Degree

Emphases in Accounting, Business, Humanities/Fine Arts, Interior Design, Natural Science/Math, Social /Psychological Science, and Mental Health Direct Care

Associate of Science Degree

Emphases in Accounting, Business, and Computers

4 Year Partnerships

Helena College is pleased to offer our students access to academic programs with other institutions from across the state.

Montana Technology/ Helena College
B.A.S/B.I.T. Acct/Business Technology

UM-Western/ Helena College
B.S. Secondary Education/ Industrial Education
A.A.S. Early Childhood Education

Articulated Agreements

Western Governors University
B.S. in Nursing

B.S. in Automotive Technology

Carroll College
Acct./Bus. Technology and Computer Technology